The MacKenzie Bunch Theme Song Has Lyrics… Everybody Sing!

Here’s the story,
of a Clan named M’Kenzie,
who are busy fighting red coats on their land.
One of them is sly & jealous
of his brother
His job’s not brains but brawn.

It’s the story
of a man named Jamie
Who is busy dodging bullets of his own
He’s got Rupert and Angus
acting crazy
and Murtagh’s like his dad who’s gone.

Till the one day when our Jamie
met a lady
She talked silly but she fixed his hurting bone
He took one look and said it’s you I’ll marry
Please don’t tell me about Frankie and the stones.

The M’Kenzie Bunch
The M’Kenzie Bunch
That’s the way they became the M’Kenzie Bunch.

(Ooops, I forgot Mrs. Fitzgibbons….)

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