Melissa of Melissa’s Observations…..interview of an Outlander blogger

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Beth of and to interview her as part of a ‘Get To Know’ the #Outlander bloggers project. This is the result. Soon, I’ll be blogging about Beth and I can’t wait to hear what she has to say!

My Outlander Blog!

ef2d4ed3266c64274f17fef5b0bf1293_400x400I was challenged to interview a fellow Outlander blogger. Melissa of was kind enough to say yes!  I “met” Melissa several months ago when I happened upon a blog she had written about  social media and how they treat middle-age women.  I had recently written a similar article and was struck by how alike our thinking was and so, I wrote to tell her.  She read my blog and agreed we seemed to think alike!  In fact, she wondered if we had been separated at birth.  We have had other opportunities since then to notice our similar mind-bent..  Melissa writes a blog, creates Outlander memes and writes some very interesting and very funny reviews of the Outlander T.V. Series (DG retweeted her).  You may have seen her efforts recently in the online auction of Sam’s fedora and coat from Emulsion.  Her expertise helped raise a goodly sum for Sam…

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