Until We Meet Again My #Outlander Friends…

For over 20 years I’ve been a fan of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books. When she announced a series was going to be made and that she and the actors would be at an event in Los Angeles, I did something completely out of the norm and immediately sent for tickets to the event which was eventually held at the Orpheum Theatre.  The representative told me I was the second person to ask for tickets and I was thrilled that I would meet Diana and the actors who would play Jamie and Claire.  As it turned out, the event was so large only a limited number of people would be allowed back stage to meet them and I did not make the cut.  I decided to make the most of it, make new friends and have a different adventure.  I was grateful I’d even been able to attend the event.

A month later, I wrote my first blog post.  The first few were straight forward and it was only later that I let my literary freak-flag fly.  I was amazed at the response I received from the public as I’d thought only a few girlfriends would even read it.

Fun facts about re-caps.  Each one takes me approximately two full days to write.  I watch the show once for pleasure.  The second time I take notes and screen cap photos.  Then I write the blog.  Then I edit it and start making the memes.  Then I put the entire thing together, watch the show once or twice more and make sure it’s as funny as it can be and make more edits.  I always keep it in the back of my mind that I need to get the re-caps out there as quickly as the media outlets who get advance screeners as many people contact me and ask me to hurry because they can’t wait to read them.

As a techno-dolt, it took me a while to learn WordPress, I’m still not a guru by any means, but one day I looked to see how many people were reading my re-caps and was blown away that the numbers were in the tens of thousands for many of the posts.  In addition to Twitter, I added a Facebook page and also posted my recaps on other Outlander fan pages that allowed it.  The numbers soared.

I have received hundreds of e-mail and direct messages from folks (mostly women) telling me that my re-caps are their favorites.  Some have even said they stumbled upon the re-caps first, then began watching the show. I have loved hearing from all of you (okay, not the random mean people and sickos, but the rest of you.)

I had hoped that eventually with these numbers, I would be given advance screeners or some kind of access, but no amount of asking Starz has yielded results.  Yet others who mock and belittle the series, actors and writers receive open access to everything.

So I’ve decided that Season Two will be my last season to re-cap the series. From time to time, I may do a meme, but it simply takes up too much of my life to continue.  I am forever grateful to all the folks I’ve met through the world of Outlander and I’m not going anywhere.  Myself and my snark will still be on Twitter several times a day ranting and raving about whatever topic strikes my fancy.  I love and respect so many of you and I felt that I owed you an explanation. Peace out.

25 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again My #Outlander Friends…

  1. Very sad to hear that. I have always found your comments and reviews lovely to read, fair and balanced. Hopefully you may change your mind. Take care.


  2. It is unfortunate that circumstances have led you to this decision. They certainly weren’t supportive or encouraging . I always looked forward to your column’s arrival in my e-mail box. It was truly a joy to read and will be greatly missed. Best wishes in your future endeavors.


  3. A great big THANK YOU for creating this blog in the first place, I think yours were the best recaps on the web. I’m going to miss them and wonder what you thinking about each episode of the third season. I wish you the best!


  4. Sorry to hear. Your recap blog will be missed! As always, I will catch you and your awesome snarkiness on Twitter and FB. Best wishes!


  5. Sorry to hear this. Your blog will be sorely missed. I would think that Season Three would have lots to blog about and your special touch would be put to good work. Wishing you the best of luck and will miss you.


  6. That is such sad news, but we all wish the best for you, and will hope to see you again on Twitter or whatever moves you. So glad that you
    have touched our lives, and applaud you for honoring your own internal light first. But DO come back if so moved. Shine On, lovely lady!!!


  7. I’m so sorry to hear … Your blog was always humorously brilliant ! I can’t begin to understand Starz PR.
    You will be missed…


  8. I don’t even watch the show. We don’t get Starz. I read the books years ago(my teaching partner and I spoke with a brogue for years and we live in Texas!! We would greet each other “ohhhhh, Jamie”. Our fellow teachers did not understand. Sigh. But I did faithfully check out your blog and hooted and laughed and got to know the actors. You will be missed.


  9. NO! No, please tell me you are just kidding!!! Your commentary is brilliant! I can’t think of each episode without your commentary this year. If this is really true, this old lady in Ohio is broken-hearted! God bless you always and my sincere thanks for your time and talent. Dorothy


  10. I will totally miss your little memes. They are so pricelessly on point (like the bafoon who thinks women don’t have brains and there were more of those types than you think back then). I will look forward to your future goodies and it’s good your prioritizing your most valuable resource…your time!

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  11. Melissa, your recaps will truly be missed! After the episodes, I always looked forward to your take on them, and your hilarious memes. I completely agree with your reasoning – same people getting access to every event, and the “nasties” are often among them. Enjoy that bit of free time that you’ll have now – I’ll make a point of watching for any future posts from you. Thanks for the many laughs you’ve given us over the past seasons!

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  12. Your recaps and memes have always been among my favorites. Love your wit and sense of humor! Thank you for sharing them with us! I completely understand where you are coming from, but your contributions will be missed! ❤️

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