It’s the #Outlander #Printshop re-cap featuring lots of ‘Claimie’ lovin and an All New Supporting Cast!!

A little business before we start.  I loved this episode. For me it delivered on every. single. level.  I also want to say, I’m so tired of the #OutlanderBitching it’s like a real medical diagnosis that has no cure.  Now that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at these hopeful opening credits!!  YAAS!


We pick right back up from Jamie’s point of view where we see him walking through the streets to his Printshop tipping his tricorne and I also noticed his gait is a bit old-mannish.  {If I’m wrong and this is how the actor known as wee Sam Heughan walks in real life, my apologies.}  Jamie has made a life for himself and there’s a happy hooker who IMO is yearning to jump his celtic bones. #HandsOffBee-otch  At the Printshop, his two goofy compadres startle Mac Dubh.  They’re new comic relief though I’ll always miss ‘Rangus.’  His persnickety employee, Geordie, arrives and is razzed by the new guys.


Claire enters the shop and Jamie swoons. I never thought a man running a printing press in old timey glasses could be hot, but alas I was wrong.  #HubbaHubba Claire and Jamie spend the next few minutes kissing, whispering their feelings and generally breaking my heart.


Just then cock-blocker extraordinaire, Geordie, returns and earns an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in an Episodic Drama Award. Dude is hilarious.


They’re nervous and unsure with each other which rings true.  {Fun fact: Early in our marriage my husband was once gone 6 weeks and I was a nervous wreck when he came home so I can’t imagine how difficult 20 years would be.}  Jamie sees pictures of Brianna, but has to wear his glasses and it’s so adorable that he thinks he looks old. Nope, we’d all volunteer to jump him and I say that with total respect and admiration and apologize in advance for the objectification. Jamie tells Claire about Willie and the circumstances surrounding him.  The church bell chimes and it’s 1:00 and Jamie remembers he needs to see a pervert about an elbow.


In the street we bump into Fergus and there’s a quick, heartwarming reunion as their little family is reunited again. Claire notices his carved wooden hand which is a beautiful work of art.  We meet Mr. Willoughby who I like more than the Willoughby in the book and I love that Claire treats him like an equal which I don’t imagine he gets a lot of. Jamie meets some fancified old dude in the cellar and they argue about money. Something about booze.


Jamie takes Claire to his [whore} house where there are lots of giant boobies flailing around the lobby.   Madame Jeanne is LESS than pleased to see Claire.  They go up to his room and they talk and talk and get comfortable with each other again and it’s very reminiscent of their wedding night. Then they undress and if I thought I was thrilled with Claire’s ingenious raincoat dress, I’m ecstatic with her ‘Cross Your Heart’ long-line bra contraption {like my Aunt Helen used to wear and which fascinated me as a child} that she has reconfigured into a corset. Then I see the mattress ticking bum roll and I love the thought that Claire put into trying to fit in.  There follows a night of passion that I’ll only describe in the most mature of ways, as I’m very classy, as ‘Awooga! Bowchickabowow!, Holy Shitake Mushrooms Batman!’ and the like. I’ve read that some people have already watched this episode 5 or 10 times. That’s impressive!!


Jamie heads out on an errand and wee Ian Murray shows up. They have a quick convo, then Claire goes downstairs and joins the friendly hoors for breakfast and they give her their Top Tips on birth control, freshening their hoohas and how to get a guy off in 60 seconds.  It’s like charm school only the women are more forthcoming.  Suddenly Madame Jeanne, the Unhappy Hooker, shows up and shoos Claire out and gives her ladies the what for.


Claire gets back to her room and some scary, filthy a-hole is going through their room looking for Jamie’s papers.  He threatens to ‘fuck’ her and we go to black.  Previews look a little scary so I guess the writers have some new stuff in store for us.  I really hope that jerk doesn’t go through with it but I guess I’ll have to wait till next week to find out.

Until then, Tulach Ard Y’all!

116 thoughts on “It’s the #Outlander #Printshop re-cap featuring lots of ‘Claimie’ lovin and an All New Supporting Cast!!

  1. I whole-heartedly agree with your #OutlanderBitching assessment! I wish people would realize that it is their OWN expectations that let them down, NOT the producers. The sense of entitlement by some of the fans is a little creepy. We are LUCKY to have show runners who actually stick to canon (by in large) and when they don’t they deserve the benefit of the doubt!

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    • Very well summarized and spot on. I have watched “A. Malcom” at least 12 times and counting; it is such beautifully acted and Sam and Cait’s performance is arousing and fulfilling . I am 80 years old and have read the Outlander series at least 3 times-Ron Moore’s and of course the various writers have never disappointed me even if they deviate from the books at times they still capture the essence of OUTLANDER.

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  2. I join the others in thanking you for the comments re: the don’t like crew 🙂 I am sitting here by my self, laughing & loving your recaps! Holy Shitake Mushrooms Batman 😉

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  3. I just found your blog on the Outlander episodes, and I love it! Your comments are spot on and I love the witty wording (biatoch)! Please put me on your fan list!!

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  4. So I reread each book about 5 bazillion times. Do the shows differ? Aye. Do I feel cheated? Nay. They turned Murtagh into this stunning, multifaceted character, and I HOPE they break with the book. I dinna ken what I’ll do without him in the storyline.
    Thanks for a refreshing recap, without the Outlandish bitching. 🙂

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  5. You are exactly what we all need….a fabulous and humorous look at the most highly anticipated episode ever!! I’m with you on the #OutlanderBitching!!!

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      • I’m with you MelissasObservations!! Loved the episode! Love the books! Read over 7 times (the 1st 4 at least 10), watching OVER five times.. more like 15?? Yes!! Trying to help the Starz people count more viewings! Your blog is spot on ….. and on ….. Love the memes. PERFECTION!! Soldier on, girl, Soldier on!!

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      • This episode gets better each time I watch it…5-6 so far. People getting mad over one scene not being like in the books are missing out on so much more in a great episode. I’m loving the series more than the books, I think!!

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  6. Great Blog!! Sometimes us old ,72, book OUTLANDERS, since 1991,still have my first book, in it’s jacket, get a little overboard with the critiques!NOT ME! I love some of the little switches! And to me, Matt B. ROBERTS can do no wrong. Lots to love in this episode. Let’s see, six times, and it’s only Tuesday. Haven’t found the easter egg copy of the book on set yet, so.. more watching, intensely. Keep up the hilarious work. AND, ALL PRAISE GOES BACK TO HERSELF, DIANA GABALDON!+

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  7. too funny, loved your recap, just perfect. I’ve read all the books a few times and agree, it doesn’t matter if they’ve switched things up, the show has its merits on its own. Just loved how Fergus agreed with Claire when she told him how handsome he was. Yes, only in fiction does a man that hot exist in the wild

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  8. Very much enjoyed the episode, and I do understand why the took it slow. It was just a tad bit too slow, however. ( Took them 10 minutes just to take off their neck scarves.) OK, maybe not a full 10 minutes. Anyway, overall, really well done!

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  9. I love your version of it. Loved what they did by giving us a little bit of everything before they went back to the hard luck Fraisers. Love Geordie.I was cracking up at him and his tormentors. Loved Willoughby I think he’s cute Speaking of cute Eann and Fergus grew up to be handsome in deed. Please forgive my spelling. I don’t know how other people feel but when Claire and Jamie get together it’s way different from other shows I can’t explain it. There is some hot couples on screen now but they have a chemistry that’s out of this world. It’s is as though they don’t need direction.

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  10. Hilarious!! Like watching the show… i had to read it over and over. I noticed i was reading it really fast!!! Hahaha can’t wait for another one…. also like the episodes!!!! Ooooo

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  11. I don’t normally comment on reviews but this was AWESOME! I knew it from #OutlanderBitching that I was going to like this! And I had the SAME exact thought about the TV rating! The review & gifs made my day! Thanks!

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  12. The first three times I watched the episode I was very disappointed in Jamie’s reaction to Brianna’s photos. I expected the scene to echo the book or to have him at the very least, brush away a tear. However, in continuing to think (obsess) about it, I realize that at that time he didn’t yet know if Claire had actually come back to him or if she simply stopped by (through a trip through the rock and 200 years), to show him photos of his daughter and then leave again. Jamie went through hell in twenty years and had become a hardened, suspicious, basically joyless man.The way he walked down the street reminded me that he spent years on a hard floor of a cold, damp rock prison. As someone who suffers from back issues, I recognized his walk. I was surprised, however, that without the heavy Highland socks and boots that Sam has such slender legs and ankles. At the point Claire showed him the photos, he was still relating to her on a surface, information exchange level (despite the kiss in the print shop). The scene started to make more sense to me (although I did miss the melodrama) and led me to believe that Bree will come up again before she actually shows up. I think Jamie will ask more about her as he begins to believe Claire is going to stay with him and the innate joyful core of him begins to melt.

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    • My dad has back and knee issues, I’m getting them too, which is why I mentioned the walk. Sam does his homework so I’m pretty sure it was intentional. I wasn’t disappointed, I thought his reaction was very realistic. He was blindsided. Thanks for continuing to ‘thobsess.’


  13. My thought at the end, when the hooligan grabbed Claire was that he doesn’t have a clue who he is laying hands on! Remember, she’s handled a would-be rapist before. She’s not one to “lie back & enjoy it” as one of Texas’s more uncouth gubernatorial candidates from the 1990’s said ( he lost the election to Ann Richards, one of our best modern governors). But, I digress. My point is that it is likely HE will be sorry he stepped into that room.

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  14. Melissa, I agree with you wholeheartedly, I loved every minute of this episode. The 2 Highlanders and Geordie made me laugh, Mr. Willoughby was perfect, and Sam and Caitlin knocked it out of the ballpark with how unsure the characters were after 20 years apart, and the lovemaking scene made me cry. I don’t mind the changes from the book, it gives us a slightly different way of looking at the same story. Thanks again for your blogs, keep ’em coming!

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  15. I too am upset with all of the complaining I’ve seen online about this A. Malcolm episode. I thought it was MAGNIFICENT! Even though I’ve read the books multiple times, and THOROUGHLY LOVE THEM, I’m thrilled beyond words with how the TV show is being made! I’m really glad that Sam, who knows Jamie’s better than anyone (with the possible exception of Dianna “herself” — although she is a woman and Sam’s male perspective is certainly more “true-to-life”), was allowed to portray the scene where Claire shows him Brianna’s photos the way HE wanted to do it. I TOTALLY trust Sam to give us the best possible and most “true” performance of Jamie Fraser, and it speaks volumes that the production respected his viewpoint and let him do it his way! He’s got Jamie down perfectly, and adds a huge dose of reality to the fictional character! Everyone who nitpicks about details that didn’t play out exactly as they pictured them in their heads just needs to relax, take a breath, and APPRECIATE the fact that we have such a wonderful group of extremely talented people bringing Diana’s beautiful Outlander story to our TV screen. I sincerely hope they’ll be allowed to work their magic all the way to the end of Dianna’s story!

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  16. Brilliant oberservations, Melissa. I agree re Mr Willoughby – could not warm to him in the book, but meeting him here, well, great casting! Sam stupendous as per usual, what’s with Jamie’s hair though…

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  17. Like so many others, I was initially very disappointed in several changes or deletions. But I didn’t jump on social media immediately to vent my feelings. I kept in mind that Matt loves the books and respects the fans. Let me watch again and try to forget my expectations. On second viewing, I stopped anticipating “that moment” and noticed so many little moments in Sam’s performance that showed me what Jamie was feeling. By the third or fourth viewing, I was enthralled. I am saddened that so many “fans” attacked Matt and Sam. Maybe if they watched again, with an open mind, they could see and appreciate the subtlety of Sam’s performance and attempt to understand the changes.

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  18. I adore your recaps! We think along the same lines, only you are funnier than I am! Keep up the great work and hopefully the important people will find you!!!

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  19. I loved your synopsis! It was spot on, the same as my thoughts! It seems there are a lot of surprises to come, secrets to reveal, real suspense! Loved the reunion with Fergus! So genuine! Can’t wait for Sunday, maybe some surprises!!

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  20. I just discovered your “Observations” page today. I binge watched the show, Seasons 1-2 last week and am now caught up on Season 3. I haven’t read the books yet, but have ordered them. First, you are hilarious and brilliant! Second…was having some serious from agony to ecstasy moments watching the first 2 seasons. Am I mentally ill to be this excited, overjoyed, and despondent over a Starz series? And, third, OMG Sam/Jaimie….so delicious, but I digress. I mean his pecs made me want to conceive a child with him…uggh, I digress. So, third, do I read the books or just watch season 3 until it is over? Then, start reading when the series is on hiatus? Once again, love your work! Totally fabulous!

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